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  -  Art   -  ART NOW COLLECTIVE, 2020(edition I: ACT NOW)
 "My work engages the questions of doing as opposed to being, the place of individual evolution without separation from the collective. In a nutshell, I am only connecting dots to a bigger picture"- OLA ATUNBI
 "In my body of work ‘Muse’, I explore the politics that surround the black female body in contemporary culture using monochromatic conceptual self-portraiture and experimentation to explore identity, sexuality, and physicality of the black female gender in contemporary society. "- CHINWE CHIGBU
"My work centers on my love for and fascination with the human mind and body. I often use pencils, pens, acrylics and papers in my creative process, oscillating between abstraction and figuration. With Abstraction, I attempt to narrate my mind’s nonlinear thought patterns. The aim is to draw people’s attention to the vast workings of the mind, fueled from a multitude of influences, memories, and experiences."- DAVID AKINOLA
"I believe that God is life and life is art. There is beauty to be seen in everything even in the mundane, simple life forms and perceived ugliness around, there's something beautiful to be made out of it all. Art is a way of life, a tool for self-expression."- GRACE IGHAVBOTA
"My works are primarily semi-abstracted, where I use symbiotic west African fabrics fused with a modern contemporary methodology to create figures and portraitures. Certain patterns and motifs from these fabrics serve as a method to communicate in a traditional African contemporary 
style."- DAVIES BEN
"My art is a catalogue of personal experiences. It is a channel for thoughts, ideas and feelings that are inspired by events in my life as well as those of the people around me. My practice also carries my personal views about the world and aims to create sustained conversations with the purpose of informing or educating my audience. Emotion is a central theme in my work as I seek to connect with people by making them feel the vehemence in the stories I tell. As the result of personal connection, the subjects in my work thus far have been African/ Black people."- CHIGOZIE OBI
"Through my work, I seek to understand and explore human psyche in the context of how culture and society shapes thinking - why people do what they do. My imagery attempts to provoke thought with conceptual elements and mood that nudge the viewer to connect more with themselves for the liberation of self."- UZOR UGOALA
"Mary expresses herself mostly in oil and acrylic,  her works are influenced by the female forms and the experiences that adolescents go through. She is also interested in the exploration of popular issues in relation to her environment."- MARY FUNMILOLA ONIDARE
"One wonders why we paint when we have human speech with which to communicate. Painting shares the throb of human emotions and creative sensibility in one’s encounter with human experience through the use of images and colors.  Painting images are visual metaphors of man’s social condition in his daily struggles, in his sorrows, in his grief, especially when there is threat of darkness at noon. Art becomes a tool for redeeming the 
human condition."- SOTONYE JUMBO
The built environment is a conglomerate of several constituent elements hewn by man from the natural environment, ranging mostly from buildings, to parks, and transportation systems. However it contains so much more that we by-pass each day. One of its many constituent elements are linear; represented in the form of electricity wires, electric poles and street lights. “Exploring Linearity in the Built Environment” takes a look at the uniqueness of these elements in the Lagos built environment, by attempting to find visual comprehensionto the horizontal wires and vertical poles that we
 see each day." - Ayẹni Ọlájídé
 "My work is influenced by the social environment, how humans react to situations and my lived experiences. I believe art should have a longterm impact and influence on its viewers and the environment".- VICTOR UBAH
"My Art is an imaginative exploration of the forms, symbols, patterns, gestures and colours expressed and encoded in nature, to go into deeper knowledge of her mysteries and to further realize the natural union and affinity between us.   Through this process, I contemplate interconnected ideas and themes of memory & identity, abundance & fertility, women & spirituality and environmental conservation."- FOLUSO OGUNTOYE
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